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Before retirement in 2009, Al Skinner was a funeral escort. He escorted funerals from Connecticut to West Virginia and everywhere in between.

There have been processions for those who have rode all of their lives to people who always wanted to ride but never got the chance.

When asked what was one of the most memorable, Skinner said “All of them, you never know what will happen, or what the dynamics are. Every service is different.” There was one service that stuck out to him. “A 31 year old man, who had a developmental disability had always admired motorcycles. No one in his family rode, and when I showed up, the father said “he’ll finally get his sidecar ride.” He learned that the man worked at a fast food chain and made friends with a few of the cycle club members –about 5 or 6 groups. He had a real passion for motorcycles, so making friends came easy with a common interest. Members from all groups would take him for rides around the block or take him for a spin in his development.

Once the man became too fragile from cancer treatments, his parents thought the rides might not be the best idea, given his decline in health. The man responded with “well Dad, I just need a sidecar, then I could ride again.” Skinner was able to make his wish come true. As rewarding as it is to fulfill the wish, it’s also about creating the experience for the family at the service. It truly puts a new spin on “riding in the wind.”

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Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home is a third generation family owned business who owns the Harley Hearse and rents usage to other Funeral Homes in the tristate area. We will travel to any Funeral Home in the tristate area to help make your client's experience a memorable one.

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